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Workers with Masks


Multi-housing laundry for residential communities and apartments


Commercial laundry for public sector institutions, fire, marine…

As the world leader in commercial laundry, we’re the ideal service partner for institutions, fire, marine, armed services, mining and other public service sectors.

We offer laundry solutions to fulfill the toughest laundry needs of large populations in demanding conditions. We have solutions for special fabrics for fire services, military and the chemical/mining industries.

Reliable, high capacity

Equipment proven under the toughest environments that delivers measurably superior laundry results.

Easy management

With proven innovations and networked management systems for instant remote visibility, traceability and control.

Laundry peace-of-mind

Knowing you’ve chosen a premium solution supported by the global leader.

Low total cost of ownership

With energy, water and labor savings, plus less downtime, higher durability and longer-lasting fabrics.

Right-size solution

With the ideal capacity and throughput for your needs, designed for years of leading performance.

Fast service

With replacement parts dispatched the same day in most markets and, and expert support and advice when you need it.

Laundry Equipment for Instutions
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