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Hotel Staff with Towels


Five-star laundry for the hospitality sector

Laundries are like hotels — you get what you pay for. Our first-class commercial laundry solutions ensure fabrics look and feel better, and last longer.

Best of all, our custom hotel laundry solutions are as diverse as the hospitality industry. Whether a million-room chain operator or a boutique B&B, we have the answer to your needs:

Outstanding results

With softer linen, fluffier towels, crisper sheets and perfect uniforms, curtains, mats… everything one demands!

Lower overheads

With reduced labor and utility needs. Our focus on fabric care means your assets last longer.

Laundry peace-of-mind

Knowing you’ve chosen a premium solution supported by the global leader.

Low total cost of ownership

With precision computer-controlled energy and water savings, plus less downtime. Our durable equipment delivers years of leading performance.

Fast service

With replacement parts dispatched the same day in most markets and, and expert support and advice when you need it.

Right-size solution

With optimum capacity and throughput for your property. Networked traceability, monitoring and reporting.

Hospital Laundry Equipment
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