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Multi-housing laundry for residential communities and apartments

We bring self-service laundry rooms to residential developments, apartments and universities all over the world. The benefits of a community laundry room are irresistible:

  • Lower construction and utilities costs

  • Ongoing source of income

  • More living space and a closer community

  • Improved property aesthetics

Better for owners

Because self-service residential community laundries use less resources than in-unit. You get an ongoing income stream and around 80% of residents prefer it. Monitor and encourage use via fully integrated, networked digital payment systems.

Compelling numbers

As residents with a shared laundry get more usable floor space in their homes. Apartment owners typically install consumer products in-home. Those appliances don’t last long. Developers also save on in-unit laundry hookups and drains.

Better for residents

Because a self-service community laundry provides access to better, higher capacity equipment than home machines. Laundry is faster with superior results. We’ll show you how a shared laundry can bring people together in comfortable surroundings.

Easy implementation

By working with the global leader in commercial laundry. We’re dedicated to laundry and we do it all. We can even offer prestigious premium laundry brands that add to the attractiveness of your development.

Laundry Equipment For Residencies
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